Are You Due for a Professional Foot Measuring?

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying shoes is purchasing a new pair in the wrong size. You might think, “Oh, I know what size I am. I’ve been the same size since I was 15,” and you might be right. But you might be wrong. January 23 is National Measure Your Feet Day, and podiatrist Dr. Stavros O. Alexopoulos urges you to take advantage of the day to ensure you’re wearing the correct size.

Not only do kids’ feet grow up to a half size every few months, but adults can see their foot size change throughout their lifetimes as well. Factors including age, weight gain, and illnesses such as arthritis can cause feet to lengthen, widen, and splay. Pregnancy is a common factor for women. Foot size often changes during pregnancy. The feet return to their pre-pregnancy size for some women, but sometimes they do not. 

You can move through your day in comfort and style. When your shoes, sneakers, boots, or sandals are the right size, they are comfortable and supportive. When they’re too small, they can contribute to foot deformities, including bunions and hammertoes. When they’re too big, blisters can occur.

So how can you be sure your shoes are the right size? The old-fashioned way! The next time you’re ready for new footwear, skip modern online shopping options and head into a brick-and-mortar outlet. Ask your salesperson to measure the current length and width of your feet. Remember that familiar metal tool used to measure your feet when you were a child? It’s called a Brannock device, and it’s been the standard for checking the length and width of feet since 1927.

After careful measuring, your salesperson will let you know what size you should purchase and then help you select. For optimal foot health, avoid high heels, leading to a wide range of foot health issues, including painful Haglund’s deformity. Instead, choose a pair with a wide, roomy toe box and a low, chunky heel. Laces will allow for the most customized fit. If your podiatrist has provided you with custom orthotics, bring them with you when you shop.

Are you worried about the effects that your footwear is having on your feet, or do you have another concern about the health and wellness of your feet, ankles, or lower legs? Call the friendly My Chicago Foot Expert staff at (773) 561-8100 or click here to schedule an appointment with Cook County podiatrist Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM, in our modern, comfortable Ravenswood office today.

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