Are Your Feet Telling You to be Tested for Diabetes?


You have a small gland called the pancreas. It is located about six inches long and located in your torso behind your stomach. Your pancreas is responsible for the production of the hormone insulin which is necessary for the effective regulation of blood sugar levels. When the pancreas produces insufficient insulin, or even none at all, diabetes occurs.

People with diabetes are particularly vulnerable to two foot conditions: neuropathy and foot ulcers.  Neuropathy refers to diminished sensation in the feet. You may notice numbness or tingling. This reduced ability to feel makes it harder for diabetics to respond to small nicks or cuts, as they simply don’t feel the discomfort that would typically be bothersome after such an injury. They might even continue to walk on a hurt foot, unaware that there is a problem and that they are making it worse. Further complicating matters is the fact that diabetics have lowered blood flow to the extremities. This makes healing from injuries more challenging for them than it is to others.

You should be tested for diabetes without delay if you notice any of the following in your feet:

Throughout the body, talk to your doctor if you experience:

If you are concerned that you might have developed diabetes, or if you are worried about the effect of diabetes on your feet, the first step is a visit with your foot doctor. Your board-certified podiatrist is an expert with years of training and experience in managing diabetic foot health. It is essential that they be part of your diabetes health care team.

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