Beat Athlete’s Foot from the Start

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection on the skin of the foot. Moreover, the fungi that are the culprits of this condition tend to thrive in warm, moist and dark environments. Unfortunately, athlete’s foot is easily spread between individuals and the fungi causing this type of infection are often found in locker rooms or public pools. Symptoms of this condition include itching and burning of the feet. There are a number of treatment methods discussed below; however, if this condition is not treated timely, it can extend to other parts of the body.

Treatment for this condition includes:

This condition can be managed and treated effectively with the appropriate methods discussed above. Here at My Chicago Foot Expert located in Chicago, Illinois, our foot doctor Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM, can diagnose the extent of impairment this condition has caused to the feet and the correct treatment plan to minimize spreading it to other parts of the body. Please take the time to make an appointment now by calling our office at (773) 561-8100 and also feel free to review our Patient Education Library to learn more about how you can take proactive steps to ensure your feet don’t develop any other types of foot and ankle conditions!

Stavros Alexopoulos One of Chicago’s top podiatrists, Stavros Alexopoulos, DPM, treats routine to complex foot and ankle issues. Dr. Alexopoulos is currently accepting new patients at My Chicago Foot Expert located near Ravenswood, North Park, and Jefferson Park.

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