Bunions Require the Attention of a Podiatrist

Foot discomfort is like the proverbial “frog in the pot.” Changes occur gradually, and each day you let your pain go unaddressed is one more day in which it can worsen and become more serious. It is the case for all manner of illnesses and injuries and is particularly true of bunions.

A bunion forms when the bones of the feet shift out of place. This most commonly occurs at the spot where the big toe meets the inner edge of the foot and is characterized by the development of a bony protrusion at that spot. You might also notice redness, swelling, and new difficulty standing, walking, running, or wearing shoes comfortably. Bunions can also form on the smaller toes. These are known as “tailor’s bunions” or bunionettes.

While some risk factors for bunions are beyond your control – notably gender (women get bunions more often than men do), heredity, and other illnesses such as arthritis – there is one that you can manage effectively. Be sure to choose everyday shoes that offer a roomy toe box, rather than options with cramped, narrow fronts that cramp the toes. This constant squeezing can slowly deform your feet over time.

If you observe signs of a bunion, the first thing to do is call a foot doctor like Cook County podiatrist Dr. Stavros O. Alexopoulos. Your podiatrist is a medical expert with years of education and experience and is the best-qualified person to diagnose and treat your issue. Suppose the problem is, in fact, a bunion. In that case, your doctor will have numerous non-invasive treatment options available, including medication, physical therapy, and the prescription of custom orthotics for cushioning and support. In severe cases, your podiatrist may perform a surgery called a bunionectomy.

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