Calluses are Tough

Calluses are tough, mainly because they represent a buildup of dead skin that have hardened in a region of the foot. It’s interesting how this condition occurs because the process is actually a defense mechanism of the body against high amounts of stress on the skin of the foot. Calluses become problematic when they become too thick. They are generally located on the heel or side of the big toe due to the excess pressure that these areas of the foot experience. When calluses become really deep, they can affect the skin underneath them and cause severe pain in the process. They generally happen from high-heeled shoes, shoes that are overly narrow, being overweight, having flat feet or high arches and foot deformities.

Treatment for this condition can involve using a moisturizing cream to exfoliate the skin of the callus. This can best be accomplished by soaking the affected foot in warm water to soften, rubbing it gently to wipe away dead skin layers and finally using the moisturizing cream to break it down further. When this form of self-treatment does not have any positive effects, surgical removal by a podiatrist may be necessary. Moisturizers should still be used thereafter to prevent calluses from reoccurring in the same regions of the foot. Orthotics may also be required, even after surgery, to reallocate how weight is placed on the foot. This redistribution of weight will help to draw high amounts of pressure away from the parts most susceptible to calluses.

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