Custom Orthotics Can Relieve Your Bunion Pain

Approximately 75% of Americans will experience a foot health issue. For many of them, it will be a bunion. The foot pain caused by bunions is among the more common reasons patients come to see Dr. Stavros O. Alexopoulos. Sadly, many of them have been living with this steadily increasing discomfort for years, afraid to get help because they believe that the only way to treat a bunion is with an operation. While it’s true that surgery is sometimes the best course of action, for many people, the answer is a pair of custom orthotics.

What is a Bunion?

Also known as hallux valgus, a bunion is a common deformity that changes the foot's shape. A bunion occurs when the big toe moves out of alignment and leans toward the other toes—a bony protrusion on the side of the foot results. There are many reasons bunions develop, including family history, repetitive stress, and poorly fitting or rigid footwear.

Bunions are progressive. Without intervention, they will grow larger and cause increased pain. In addition to the characteristic bump, other signs of a bunion include pain and soreness, redness, inflammation, and difficulty wearing shoes or walking comfortably.

Orthotics for Bunion Treatment

If your podiatrist diagnoses a bunion, consider several treatment options. Over-the-counter and prescription medications may help reduce swelling. Physical therapy to correct gait issues might be appropriate.

Orthotics can improve your balance and alignment by dispersing weight and pressure more evenly by providing enhanced cushioning and support to prevent further discomfort. In many cases, custom orthotics prevent a bunion from growing and help a patient avoid surgery entirely.

Orthotics are very different from the one-size-fits-all inserts that you might find at your local pharmacy or big box store. They are custom medical devices prescribed and provided by an expert podiatrist. Your foot doctor will begin by making a mold of your feet – often using a computerized scan to guide the process – and then create a pair of orthotics just for you.

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