Eight Facts About Calluses

Did you know one in 20 Americans will develop a callus this year? You might be among them. Here are some facts you should know about the causes, signs, and treatment of this common foot condition:

  1. A callus is known medically as a tyloma or a keratoma.
  2. Most calluses are painless but, left untreated, can cause discomfort standing, walking, running, or even just wearing shoes.
  3. A callus is a thickened area of dead skin. It might be a slightly different color than the rest of your skin.
  4. There is one cause of calluses: friction. When the skin rubs against a shoe or even against another spot of skin over a long period, a callus develops. It can happen due to long hours standing, many miles of running or hours of exercise, and footwear that doesn’t fit well.
  5. A callus can develop anywhere on the body. The feet are a particularly common area for calluses to form, especially in areas that bear weight, such as the sole, the ball, or the heel.
  6. Anyone can get a callus: men, women, and children. People with illnesses that affect circulation, such as diabetes, are particularly at risk.
  7. Attempting to remove a callus at home can result in a painful infection. It is a job for a professional with years of specialized training and experience. Your podiatrist is a medical expert and the most appropriate doctor to help you.
  8. Callus removal is a simple in-office procedure, and because there are no nerve endings in the dead skin of your callus, it won’t hurt.

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