Good Foot Care Is Very Important as We Age

Are you guilty of neglecting your feet? Many of us are! We take it for granted that our feet will keep working for us day after day with little or no special care.

But as we age, years of ignoring our feet can catch up to us and may cause serious health issues, particularly in senior citizens. It’s very important that mature patients pay attention to their feet so little problems don’t escalate into very big ones.

Changes as We Age Can Intensify Foot Problems

When the body’s circulation slows with age, toenails can become brittle and more susceptible to toenail fungus. The skin has less moisture so overly dry feet can develop skin cracks that let in bacteria.

Because of these changes, a focus on foot care becomes very important especially when there are any pre-existing health issues.

Foot pain is not normal! Instead, view it as a warning that something abnormal is going on. Even something as simple as redness or a bump on the skin may point to an underlying issue that should be addressed.

Foot Care for Seniors

Simply put, doctors are the best solutions! Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM can help with all existing foot problems as well as those that crop up with age.

Preventing Foot Problems as We Age

We would be happy to check your feet for you – come on in and visit our office!

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