Help Feet Feel Pampered with These Holiday Gifts

Are you still making your way through your holiday gift list? Is there a “hard-to-buy-for” name on it? We’re here with some ideas that will please even the most challenging friend or family member! Everyone loves a gift that makes feet feel comfortable and pampered. Here are five great suggestions from Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM:

  1. You can give a gift certificate for a trip to the spa for a pedicure or even do the job yourself at home. If you go the spa route, be sure to pick an establishment that offers excellent hygiene practices including sterilized instruments and disposable basin liners. At home, build a pedicure kit for future use. Include some sweet-smelling and lotion, new toenail clippers and cuticle nippers, emery boards, and a couple of bottles of polish.
  2. A foot soak feels great. Wrap up a basin, some Epsom salts, a couple of bottles of essential oils, and a fluffy new towel. Modestly-priced electric basins that offer massage features are available at many big box stores.
  3. Athletes are always in the market for new socks and sneakers. Take your runner to the store and ask a salesperson to make sure that you’re purchasing the right size. Shoe size often changes with age.
  4. Speaking of new socks, many older people and folks with diabetes often feel cold and this is especially severe in the extremities. A new pair of warm, woolen socks or insulated slippers is always appreciated. Be sure to select a pair with rubber tread to reduce the risk of in-home falls that can lead to foot and ankle injury.

Of course, the best foot-pampering gift of all is a trip to a board-certified podiatrist like Dr. Stavros O. Alexopoulos. Your foot doctor has years of specialized training and is the best-qualified medical professional to examine, diagnose, and treat your feet, ankles, and lower legs. Schedule a convenient visit to the My Chicago Foot Expert office for yourself or someone you love. Call our friendly staff at (773) 561-8100 or click here to get started today.

Stavros Alexopoulos One of Chicago’s top podiatrists, Stavros Alexopoulos, DPM, treats routine to complex foot and ankle issues. Dr. Alexopoulos is currently accepting new patients at My Chicago Foot Expert located near Ravenswood, North Park, and Jefferson Park.

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