Is It Time To Give your Flip Flops a Good Cleaning?

It’s mid-summer, school is on the horizon and you’re still trudging around in your flip flops.

Take a look at your favorite pair – they’re probably looking pretty scruffy right about now. Between trips to the lake, walking along the beach, protecting your feet at the pool and washing your car, you wear them anywhere and everywhere. With the heat this summer, your feet have probably been extra sweaty – and smelly – and your flip flops just keep collecting dirt and other yucky things.

Before they get any worse, Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM recommends taking some time now to give your flip flops a good cleaning. It’s a quick job and doesn’t take much in terms of supplies. Here’s how:

Start with a Deep Cleaning

Neglected flip flops need a lot of love! For leather, rubber or plastic flip flops, start with this deep clean and repeat every 2-3 months:

Ongoing Maintenance

Keep your flip-flops looking and smelling fresh with this quick routine:

Toss in your Washing Machine

In a pinch, you can do a quick wash of several pairs of flip flops in your clothes washer. Just add a dash of detergent and a cup of vinegar, then wash at a delicate setting with cold water. Just let them air dry when the cycle is finished.

A word of caution – this method is NOT for any flip flops that have beading or jeweled decorations.

Learn more about flip flops in our blog about flip flops and children.

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