May is Women’s Health Month

As we head into May, Dr. Stavros O. Alexopoulos and the My Chicago Foot Expert staff are preparing to celebrate Women’s Health Month. Are you ready? How much do you know about the health conditions that are more likely to affect women’s feet than men? Let’s explore a few that you should be aware of.

Have you ever noticed that, although men also develop bunionshammertoes, and other foot deformities, they seem to happen to women more often? Have you ever wondered why? One big reason is women’s fashion footwear. When you opt for pointed, high-heeled stilettoes, you force your foot into an unnatural shape that shifts your center of gravity. The toes squeeze together, and your weight shifts to the ball of the foot. You might get away with this occasionally, but problems can occur if you wear these shoes every day. Instead, opt for a comfortable, sensible pair of shoes with a wide, roomy toe box and a low, chunky heel. Be sure sneakers and athletic footwear are in good condition. Replace them at least once a year or every 500 miles for maximum benefit.

Plantar fasciitis is another condition common among women. It is a painful, chronic tissue inflammation that spans the sole, connecting the heel bone to the toes. Non-invasive treatment options are available, including custom orthotics for improved cushioning and support. Talk to your podiatrist if you notice heel pain, especially first thing in the morning.

Do you enjoy occasional or regular spa pedicures? These are the best ways to prevent plantar warts and other infections. Ensure that everything is sanitized before you sit down and bring your tools with you. Do not permit the technician to use a razor or grater to remove your calluses. It is a job for your podiatrist.

Are you pregnant? Women often experience foot crampsflat feet, and other foot health conditions during pregnancy. It is a result of increased blood flow and weight. See your podiatrist to discuss how your condition can affect foot health and prevention and treatment options.

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