Orthotics are the Original Solution

Orthotics play a very important part of maintaining healthy, happy feet by supporting uneven weight distribution in feet. Board certified podiatrist, Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM, can help treat this common condition that often causes discomfort and pain. You can visit him at My Chicago Foot Expert located in Chicago, Illinois.

When foot and ankle issues lead to uneven pressure points in the feet, inflammation and pain can develop. Orthotics act as arch supports so that unequal weight distribution in the feet can be corrected. By allowing for equal weight distribution, other health issues caused by the inflammation can then have the ability to heal.

Orthotics are made from a variety of materials including plastics or rubber. Our technology allows us to provide our patients with orthotics that can relieve the above-mentioned pressure points. Another benefit that orthotics provide is they provide support by redistributing ground forces when your feet hit the floor and then aligning the joints of your foot while you’re walking. In essence, they improve foot mechanics by changing the orientation of your feet while providing a cushioning effect to your feet to withstand the daily grind. Depending on the severity of your condition, it may take a little time for your feet to get comfortable with orthotics. Any initial discomfort, however, will be nothing compared to the long-term benefits. Another important fact to remember is that it’s good practice to walk barefoot for a little during the day when your foot is healed because it will allow for the foot and leg muscles to get stronger.

If you have an discomfort or pain while you walk, we will provide you with the best chance of fitting you with an orthotic that’s right for you. So, call our podiatry office for an appointment as soon as possible. Dr. Alexopoulos will create a unique orthotic and a treatment plan for your feet that best fits your lifestyle!

Stavros Alexopoulos One of Chicago’s top podiatrists, Stavros Alexopoulos, DPM, treats routine to complex foot and ankle issues. Dr. Alexopoulos is currently accepting new patients at My Chicago Foot Expert located near Ravenswood, North Park, and Jefferson Park.

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