Stop Metatarsalgia Before It Causes Severe Pain

Metatarsalgia presents itself as a constant pain felt in the sole of the foot, specifically in the ball of the foot. Symptoms include a dull, aching and burning sensation at the ball of the foot. When unusual amounts of weight are placed on the front of the foot, this condition can occur. Factors that lead to an increased risk of metatarsalgia include obesity, uncomfortable shoes or high heels, those with high arched feet, a lengthy metatarsal bone that causes increased amounts of pressure, hammertoes and any form of ankle instability that points the foot downwards. Bunions also have a way of wearing down the big toe, which leads to additional stress at the ball of the foot. Nerves that have been aggravated in the ball of the foot can lead to this condition as well. This is especially true for people with diabetes whose nerve issues cause a frequent burning pain.

Measures taken to treat this condition include rest with elevation, having a healthy weight to alleviate pressure placed on the ball of the foot, comfortable shoes with little to no heels, exercise to strengthen tendons, and taking pain medications to reduce the constant nagging irritation in the ball of the foot and insoles. If surgery is needed, however, the irritated nerves can be removed, hammertoes can be straightened or the metatarsal bones can be reshaped to relieve pain.

Untreated metatarsalgia can cause a constant pain that doesn’t seem to get better. Treatment is often necessary to ensure that the ball of the foot can become pain-free again. Please contact My Chicago Foot Expert to help treat your metatarsalgia. Our foot doctor, Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM, will provide quality treatment for this condition. Take the time to review our Patient Education Library to learn more about how you can maintain healthy feet and ankles and please call us at (773) 561-8100 or visit us at our podiatry office in Chicago to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan to start freeing your heels of metatarsalgia.

Stavros Alexopoulos One of Chicago’s top podiatrists, Stavros Alexopoulos, DPM, treats routine to complex foot and ankle issues. Dr. Alexopoulos is currently accepting new patients at My Chicago Foot Expert located near Ravenswood, North Park, and Jefferson Park.

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