Flat Feet


Do you have flat feet?

Flat feet is a very common condition that we see daily in our office.  Our patients come in complaining of problems in their legs due to their flat feet. Similar to the shock absorbers on your car that help produce a much smoother ride, your arches act as a shock absorber to the body. When you stand or walk, your arches collapse slightly and come back up, absorbing the shock to decrease the stress on your spine. When you have flat feet, your arches do not function properly and this may result in pain throughout the body.

Shopping, standing while waiting in line, or other activities with a lot of standing or walking may be difficult, tiring, or even painful. You may experience achy calves or other symptoms such as low back pain or knee pain because of the strain on the knees as the foot collapses.

Do you want to stop the pain from your flat feet?

We most likely would take X-rays and review with you any unnatural positioning of your bones. A case of flat feet would be considered fairly severe if there is no arch visible even when sitting down. Depending on your condition, we provide effective treatment through the following:

  • Orthotics — The best treatment we can offer if you have painful flat feet is to give you a pair of orthoses. With custom orthotics you can walk, run, play, and work without getting as tired or fatigued as you may have before. This treatment option is very effective and has a very high success rate.
  • Surgery — In severe cases, we may need to perform surgery to correct the position of your foot so you may return to your normal level of activity without pain.  There are many types of surgical treatments that we employ depending on the severity of the condition.  In some forms of surgical treatment, you are actually able to begin walking the same day.

Does your child have flat feet?

With a child, we help the foot and the foot bones grow and develop in a better position.  It should also be noted that treatment for flatfeet in a child could begin as early as 1-1½ years of age.  With children, it is important to remember that the sooner we begin the treatment, the better their chances are of avoiding surgery. A child’s foot is still very moldable and we can help it develop into a healthy, better aligned position.

What causes flat feet?

The most common cause is genetics.  Unfortunately you can’t pick your parents, but it is important to note that flat feet tend to run in the family.  What actually causes your flat foot is when the ligaments that hold your bones together become loose and stretch out. As a result, the bones start to fall and collapse making your foot flat against the ground. Another factor that can lead to the development of a flat foot is an injury to a tendon.  Different tendons and muscles enter your foot helping to maintain the position of the arch.  If one of them is torn or injured it could lead to the collapse of your arch.  This usually occurs in one foot, but it can also occur in both.

Get help today!

Flat feet can cause pain throughout your entire body. If you think you have flat feet and suffer from heel, knee, hip, or back pain, you should contact our office. We may be able to stop all of your pain with one effective treatment method.

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