Custom Orthotics


Many times using custom orthoses may cause a problem such as heel pain, arch pain, heel spur pain, in toeing, a bunion, or arthritic pain to subside. They may also help avoid the need for surgery.

There are many conditions that can be treated with custom foot orthoses.  If children intoe, orthoses can help correct and straighten the way they walk.  If you have heel pain, arch pain, or heel spurs, orthotics can improve the function of your foot to decrease and eventually eliminate pain.  If you suffer with arthritis, a painful bunion or a pinched nerve, orthotics will take the pressure off the area to allow you to walk pain free.

For athletes with weak ankles, orthotics can increase the stability of the ankle joint and decrease the chance of a future twisted or sprained ankle.  If you have deep, painful calluses along the bottom of your feet, the orthotics can take pressure off the area to provide relief and decrease continued growth of the calluses.  Ball of foot pain is common if you wear certain types of high-heeled shoes. Orthotics can decrease the pressure on your feet and allow you to walk comfortably.

Are you a candidate for custom orthotics?

We use different types of orthoses depending on your age and foot problem.  In toddlers and young children, the orthotic insert can help correct how they walk and control the way their foot functions.  With many of our patients, the goal is to get relief from pain.

 The use of custom foot orthoses is not limited to age or gender.  We help babies, senior citizens, and people of all ages in between, with the use of custom orthoses.

Is it worth the money?

The typical result of not purchasing custom foot orthoses when they are recommended is dealing with unnecessary pain. Custom orthoses will improve the way you walk, eliminate your pain, and also avoid costly surgical procedures that could lead to loss of time from work.

Our goal with orthotic therapy is to help you walk pain free and avoid surgery.  We want you to continue working, participating in sports, and enjoying life with your children and grandchildren.

What is the difference between custom orthotics and an over-the-counter insert?

A custom orthosis is designed and made specifically for your feet. We take your age, weight, occupation, and level of activity into consideration to give you the highest level of success.  On the other hand, over-the-counter inserts purchased at a pharmacy do not consider any of these factors. They often do not offer the same level of control and may only have minimal benefits for your feet.

One of the great benefits of having custom foot orthoses made is that Dr. Alexopoulos can adjust or modify them over time to help you with any new conditions or foot problems that may develop. This may prevent the need to have a new pair made.

Want to know more about custom orthotics?

There are different materials available to make custom foot orthoses.  The material used depends on your age, weight, and level of activity. We begin by using plaster of Paris or a special fiberglass material to take an impression of your feet, one at a time. We make sure that each foot is held in the proper position to allow for the greatest correction.

Making a pair of custom-molded orthoses involves special materials to take the impressions along with lab costs.  While they may be an investment in your foot health, the expense pales in comparison to the huge cost of having surgery to treat the same problem. Orthotics help relieve pain and help you avoid surgery.  A pair of custom-made orthoses typically lasts between 3-5 years.

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