Sports Injuries


Sports Injuries Can Have a Strong Offense

Foot injuries sustained by athletes may happen on a regular basis and are generally treated right away to prevent the significant loss of mobility. However, more people are now active and participating in sports to further their health goals and to expand their active lifestyles. Since these individuals are not likely to seek medical attention […]

Cycling Tips To Avoid Foot Injuries

If you have taken up bicycling for commuting, as an aerobic exercise that builds muscles too, or just as a great way to enjoy the scenery with your family, good for you! Biking gives you a great low-impact cardio workout as you tone your muscles. Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM urges you to take particularly good […]

High Ankle Sprains Are Different than Other Ankle Injuries

There are differing levels of ankle sprains, and one of these is called a “high ankle sprain” because the injury is above the ankle joint. High ankle sprains are much less common than a traditional ankle sprain. An ankle sprain injury is tearing and damage to ligaments that connect bones or the ankle joint. In […]

Foot Injury Grounds Packer Rookie Biegel with a Jones Fracture

It may be unusual to talk about football injuries during the height of baseball season, but one Green Bay Packer will miss the remainder of the offseason because of a serious foot injury. Rookie and fourth-round pick Vince Biegel suffered a Jones fracture injury at rookie camp. Named after an orthopedic surgeon who described this […]

U.S. Soccer Player Sidelined with Painful Lisfranc Injury

After a brutal tackle in a recent game against Honduras that resulted in a caution for the opposing player, L.A. Galaxy attacking midfielder Sebastian Lletget suffered a foot injury that took him out for the rest of the game. Lletget’s original diagnosis was a strained foot. However, when the foot was reexamined by team and […]

Help Your Child Avoid Soccer Injuries

Spring is here in Chicago and for many parents that means soccer season! Soccer is a great sport, building individual skills and teamwork as well as giving participants a good cardiovascular workout. To make this a winning season for your child, make sure that you do all you can to prevent injuries. The constant running […]

NBAer Missed 2 Seasons with Navicular Bone Stress Fracture

It took just one small bone to take down a big man and spoil 2 seasons of NBA play. Joel Embiid, who was the 3rd overall draft pick in 2014 and picked up by the Philadelphia 76ers, has sat out most of the last 2 seasons with a fracture of the Navicular bone. The Navicular […]

Help Prevent Injury to your Young Athlete

Have you rushed to the emergency room after receiving the dreaded phone call that your child has been injured while playing sports? You’re not alone – out of the estimated 38 million U.S. teens and children who participate in organized sports each year, more than 2.6 million will be treated in hospital ER’s for recreation […]

Heel Spurs Are a Common Cause of Heel Pain

A heel spur is a small, bony protrusion that sticks out from the bottom of the heel bone and is often associated with plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a thick tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot from the heel bone towards your toes. When this […]

Protect Your Feet During Winter Sports To Avoid Injuries

Are you a winter adventurer? Do activities like cross country and downhill skiing, sledding and ice skating lure you out of doors in the cold weather? Preparation is essential to enjoying winter sports safely. Poorly-fitting equipment or inadequate physical preparation can turn fun in the snow to days or weeks recovering from an injury. Prevent […]

Sesamoiditis: A Painful Injury in the Ball of the Foot

The foot contains two very small bones, pea-size, under the foot near the big toe. They are unusual in that they are not connected to other bones. Instead they are connected to tendons. These bones, called sesamoids, help the foot bear weight and also aid the tendons in transferring muscle force over their surfaces. They […]

Don’t Suffer with the Pain of Turf Toe

Turf toe is an appropriate name for an injury that often occurs on artificial turf in football stadiums. Sometimes when an athlete is pushing off the ground with his toes during sports like soccer, football, wrestling, basketball and gymnastics, the ligaments around the big toe are sprained. Dancers can similarly injure their feet when they […]

Avoiding Foot and Ankle Injuries

Our feet and ankles are the foundation of our bodies and real workhorses: each day we walk an average of 7,500 steps. Over a lifetime these really add up and can total more than 100,000 miles – four times around the world! It’s easy to see that preventing harm to our feet and ankles is […]

Find Relief from the Pain and Swelling of Achilles Tendonitis

Have you experienced a sharp pain or swelling at the back of your heel and ankle after an exercise session? You may have an inflamed Achilles tendon, or Achilles tendonitis. The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscles at back of your lower leg to your heel bone. With overuse, this tissue may be damaged. The […]

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