PDA Injection


You no longer need to struggle WITH PAIN.

Stem cell recruitment.

Rest, physical therapy, cortisol injections – you’ve tried it all, and still you experience chronic pain. When surgery is not an option, you may find relief with PDA Human Amniotic Fluid (PAD-HAF). This safe, drug-free injection contains more than 200 growth factors and other naturally occurring nutrients that encourage cellular and soft tissue regeneration and reconstruction. PDA-HAF offers a surgery-free alternative for those who want to explore other therapies.

Benefits of PDA Human Amniotic Fluid:

  • Anti-inflammatory & Anti-microbial
  • Contains 200 Different Growth Factors
  • All Natural and Drug-free
  • Reduced Recovery Time
  • Safe, Non-steroidal Alternative to Surgery
  • Stimulating REPAIR.

If you suffer from chronic foot pain, you may benefit from PDA-HAF injection. Speak with Dr. Alexopolous today to learn more about PDA-HAF and how you can benefit.

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