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Hammertoe develops when the middle joint of your toe is bent abnormally. While not everyone with a hammertoe experiences discomfort, pain and inflammation are some of the top reasons men and women visit with Stavros Alexopoulos, DPM, of My Chicago Foot Expert. As one of Chicago’s leading board-certified podiatrists, Dr. Alexopoulos offers innovative hammertoe solutions, so you can get relief right away. Schedule your hammertoe evaluation with the online booking feature or over the phone.

Hammer Toe Q & A

What causes a hammertoe?

A Hammertoe develops when you have an imbalance with muscle flexion in your toe joints. Usually, issues occur when your toe is forced to stay in an awkward bent position for long periods since your muscles can’t stretch out and relax. Common causes of a hammertoe include:

  • Poor-fitting shoes
  • A family history of hammertoe
  • Smaller toes that are longer than your big toes

In some cases, you might also be prone to developing a hammertoe if you’ve had a previous injury or trauma to the affected toe joint.

Is a hammertoe painful?

Oftentimes, yes. A hammertoe can be flexible, meaning it can bend at the joint, or it can be rigid. If you have a rigid hammertoe, you won’t be able to flex or bend it. In either case, you can experience pain and inflammation in the affected toe joint.

Plus, because the top of your hammertoe can rub against the inside of your shoe, it’s common to develop secondary issues, like corns or calluses. If left untreated, these skin abnormalities can break open and tear, which can lead to infection. These skin conditions can further aggravate your toes and lead to so much discomfort that you experience pain while standing or walking.

How is a hammertoe treated?

Dr. Alexopoulos spends time evaluating your condition and going over your current symptoms before designing an individualized hammertoe treatment plan. Usually, he strives to see if conservative hammertoe treatments work first. You may benefit from:

  • Custom prescription orthotics
  • Specialized footwear
  • Padding or taping

Since Dr. Alexopoulos is a board-certified podiatrist, he has extensive training with modern minimally invasive hammertoe surgeries that don’t require any downtime. During a hammertoe procedure, which is performed on an outpatient basis, Dr. Alexopoulos removes any inflamed tissue and releases stiff muscle fibers.

Your procedure could also involve correcting and restructuring your toe joint. Dr. Alexopoulos’ goal is to relieve your pain and help you walk in shoes without discomfort. He tailors your hammertoe surgery to your specific needs, so your surgery is highly likely to be successful.

A hammertoe can quickly become painful and uncomfortable, so book an evaluation at My Chicago Foot Expert right away. Schedule either online or over the phone.