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Plantar warts aren’t only uncomfortable, they can easily spread to others, so you need to seek medical treatment at the first sign. Top Chicago podiatrist Stavros Alexopoulos, DPM, of My Chicago Foot Expert, offers effective in-office plantar wart treatments. If you think you have plantar warts, or if they seem to keep coming back, schedule an evaluation to see what Dr. Alexopoulos can do to help. Schedule your visit with the online booking feature or call the clinic.

Plantar Wart Q & A

What causes plantar warts?

Plantar warts stem from a viral infection of the human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus enters your body in areas of your foot that have weakened skin or open wounds. Walking barefoot in gym locker rooms, showers, or on pool decks are common ways to become infected. Wearing footwear from someone else who has an infection can even cause you to develop the virus.

Because plantar warts start from a viral infection, once you’re infected, you can easily spread the infection to others. It’s important to avoid sharing shoes or socks and to regularly wear protective footwear until your outbreak subsides.

How can I tell if I have plantar warts?

Plantar warts are often mistaken for calluses, which also develop along the soles of your feet. With plantar warts, though, you’re likely going to notice tiny black dots on the surface of each wart, which are the ends of capillary blood vessels. You may also be able to tell that you have plantar warts if you experience:

  • Small rough or grainy lesions on weight-bearing areas
  • Pain or tenderness surrounding the growths
  • Circular flat spots with sunken middle sections

The only way to know for certain if you have a plantar wart outbreak, though, is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Alexopoulos.

Is there treatment for plantar warts?

Yes. Some cases of plantar warts disappear on their own without medical intervention, but if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort — or frequent outbreaks — it’s time to see Dr. Alexopoulos. Your plantar wart treatment can include:

  • Clinical-grade salicylic acid patches
  • Oral antiviral medication
  • Topical creams or ointments

If needed, Dr. Alexopoulos can perform non-surgical procedures to treat your plantar warts and get rid of them on the spot. Depending on the severity of your plantar wart outbreak and your related symptoms, treatment can involve specialized lasers to burn your warts off.

You could even benefit from a comprehensive freezing treatment, where Dr. Alexopoulos uses liquid nitrogen to carefully freeze and destroy the affected tissue. In some cases, he may simply suggest shaving down your warts or cutting them away.

No matter which type of procedure is best for your needs, Dr. Alexopoulos offers advanced numbing solutions, so you won’t have to worry about pain or discomfort. He performs plantar wart procedures right in the office, often the same day as your evaluation.

You won’t have to live another day with plantar warts once you become a patient of My Chicago Foot Expert. Book your appointment online or over the phone.